Golden Planet

The slot machine Golden Planet online, play for free and without registration

This slot is very positive and happy. His main characters are friendly aliens and brave astronauts. Despite the fact that the design of this game is childlike, adults will be charmed by the charm of “childlike simplicity” in drawing of each of the characters. The action takes place on a certain golden planet, which anyone can enrich, who dares to step on it. However, there is a degree of risk. You can leave all your money if you wander through this unexplored land. So if you are just a beginner in the game automaton, then you must first learn and learn all the non-heavy rules. Also you can first test this slot for free. If you get good experiences then you can play for real money and get good winnings.

Description of the game machine Golden Planet

To start playing the game, simply press the «Start» button. On the screen, the player sees 5 reels and 9 lines. If the player has set the number of coins and the number of lines with the help of the buttons «Line», «Bet One» and «Bet Max», then player size can get the desired bet.

In the presence of the five foreign player player receives the player a prize of 250 credits. When he had a chance to collect five planets in a single line at the same time, the fee is 400 credits. There are among the more advanced characters and aliens that visually resemble human. For five of the residents the space gain is 750 credits. Symbol Planet in the Ring of Asteroids is the scatter symbol that will roll out the drums for free. The biggest surprise for the players may be a jackpot equaling 9,000 loans. It can be obtained by collecting a combination of the five savages. Such a special symbol in the Golden Planet is a spaceship.

A risk game

Since this slot is pretty standard, and the risk of the game is known – guess the card color. The number of doublings is limited to five, so you can test your intuition enough. To get to know this game, it is best if you try it yourself. With a lack of resources or unwillingness to risk money, you can play for free. Each player has the opportunity to appreciate the next creation of one of the best producers.

In a word, the free online games are just what you need. You can start your incredible adventure right now! For this you need to memorize simple rules of the game. Also there is such a possibility that you can get real money if you become successful professional in this game! Everything depends on you!

Good luck with the game!